4.8. Analysis Utilities

llvmlite.binding.get_function_cfg(func, show_inst=True)

Return a string of the control-flow graph of the function in DOT format. If the input func is not a materialized function, the module containing the function is parsed to create an actual LLVM module. The show_inst flag controls whether the instructions of each block are printed.unctions.

llvmlite.binding.view_dot_graph(graph, filename=None, view=False)

View the given DOT source. If view is True, the image is rendered and viewed by the default application in the system. The file path of the output is returned. If view is False, a graphviz.Source object is returned. If view is False and the environment is in a IPython session, an IPython image object is returned and can be displayed inline in the notebook.


This function requires the graphviz package.