7. Release Notes

7.1. v0.18.0

This is a minor release that fixes several issues (#263, #262, #258, #237) with the wheel build. In addition, we have minor fixes for running on PPC64LE platforms (#261). And, we added CI testing against PyPy (#253).

7.2. v0.17.1

This is a bugfix release that addresses issue #258 that our LLVM binding shared library is missing from the wheel builds.

7.3. v0.17.0

In this release, we are upgrading to LLVM 4.0. We are also starting to provide wheel packages for 64-bit Linux platforms (manylinux).


  • Issue #249, PR #250: Disable static linking of libstdc++ by default.


  • PR #246: Add requirements.txt for pip dependency resolving
  • PR #238: LLVM 4.0
  • PR #222: Enable wheel builds

7.4. v0.16.0

API changes:

  • Switched from LLVM 3.8 to 3.9
  • TargetData.add_pass is removed in LLVM 3.9.


  • PR #239: Enable fastmath flags
  • PR #233: Updates for llvm3.9.1
  • PR #199: Update for changes in LLVM 3.9


  • PR #236: Fix metadata with long value
  • PR #231: Fix setup.py for Python2.7 so that pip auto installs dependencies
  • PR #226: Fix get_host_cpu_features() so that it fails properly

7.5. v0.15.0


  • PR #213: Add partial LLVM bindings for ObjectFile.
  • PR #215: Add inline assembly helpers in the builder.
  • PR #216: Allow specifying alignment in alloca instructions.
  • PR #219: Remove unnecessary verify in module linkage.


  • PR #209, Issue #208: Fix overly restrictive test for library filenames.

7.6. v0.14.0


  • PR #104: Add binding to get and view function control-flow graph.
  • PR #210: Improve llvmdev recipe.
  • PR #212: Add initializer for the native assembly parser.

7.7. v0.13.0


  • PR #176: Switch from LLVM 3.7 to LLVM 3.8.
  • PR #191: Allow setting the alignment of a global variable.
  • PR #198: Add missing function attributes.
  • PR #160: Escape the contents of metadata strings, to allow embedding any characters.
  • PR #162: Add support for creating debug information nodes.
  • PR #200: Improve the usability of metadata emission APIs.
  • PR #200: Allow calling functions with metadata arguments (such as @llvm.dbg.declare).


  • PR #190: Suppress optimization remarks printed out in some cases by LLVM.
  • PR #200: Allow attaching metadata to a ret instruction.

7.8. v0.12.1

New release to fix packages on PyPI. Same as v0.12.0.

7.9. v0.12.0


  • PR #179: Let llvmlite build on armv7l Linux.
  • PR #161: Allow adding metadata to functions.
  • PR #163: Allow emitting fast-math fcmp instructions.
  • PR #159: Allow emitting verbose assembly in TargetMachine.


  • Issue #177: Make setup.py compatible with pip install.

7.10. v0.11.0


  • PR #175: Check LLVM version at build time
  • PR #169: Default initializer for non-external global variable
  • PR #168: add ir.Constant.literal_array()

7.11. v0.10.0


  • PR #146: Improve setup.py clean to wipe more leftovers.
  • PR #135: Remove some llvmpy compatibility APIs.
  • PR #151: Always copy TargetData when adding to a pass manager.
  • PR #148: Make errors more explicit on loading the binding DLL.
  • PR #144: Allow overriding -flto in Linux builds.
  • PR #136: Remove Python 2.6 and 3.3 compatibility.
  • Issue #131: Allow easier creation of constants by making type instances callable.
  • Issue #130: The test suite now ensures the runtime DLL dependencies are within a certain expected set.
  • Issue #121: Simplify build process on Unix and remove hardcoded linking with LLVMOProfileJIT.
  • Issue #125: Speed up formatting of raw array constants.


  • PR #155: Properly emit IR for metadata null.
  • PR #153: Remove deprecated uses of TargetMachine::getDataLayout().
  • PR #156: Move personality from LandingPadInstr to FunctionAttributes. It was moved in LLVM 3.7.
  • PR #149: Implement LLVM scoping correctly.
  • PR #141: Ensure no CMakeCache.txt file is included in sdist.
  • PR #132: Correct constant in llvmir.py example.

7.12. v0.9.0


  • PR #73: Add get_process_triple() and get_host_cpu_features()
  • Switch from LLVM 3.6 to LLVM 3.7. The generated IR for some memory operations has changed.
  • Improved performance of IR serialization.
  • Issue #116: improve error message when the operands of a binop have differing types.
  • PR #113: Let Type.get_abi_{size,alignment} not choke on identified types.
  • PR #112: Support non-alphanumeric characters in type names.


  • Remove the libcurses dependency on Linux.

7.13. v0.8.0

  • Update LLVM to 3.6.2
  • Add an align parameter to IRBuilder.load() and IRBuilder.store().
  • Allow setting visibility, DLL storageclass of ValueRef
  • Support profiling with OProfile

7.14. v0.7.0

  • PR #88: Provide hooks into the MCJIT object cache
  • PR #87: Add indirect branches and exception handling APIs to ir.Builder.
  • PR #86: Add ir.Builder APIs for integer arithmetic with overflow
  • Issue #76: Fix non-Windows builds when LLVM was built using CMake
  • Deprecate .get_pointer_to_global() and add .get_function_address() and .get_global_value_address() in ExecutionEngine.

7.15. v0.6.0


  • Switch from LLVM 3.5 to LLVM 3.6. The generated IR for metadata nodes has slightly changed, and the “old JIT” engine has been remove (only MCJIT is now available).
  • Add an optional flags argument to arithmetic instructions on IRBuilder.
  • Support attributes on the return type of a function.

7.16. v0.5.1


  • Fix implicit termination of basic block in nested if_then()

7.17. v0.5.0

New documentation hosted at http://llvmlite.pydata.org


  • Add code-generation helpers from numba.cgutils
  • Support for memset, memcpy, memmove intrinsics


  • Fix string encoding problem when round-triping parse_assembly()

7.18. v0.4.0


  • Add Module.get_global()
  • Renamd Module.global_variables to Module.global_values
  • Support loading library parmanently
  • Add Type.get_abi_alignment()


  • Expose LLVM version as a tuple

Patched LLVM 3.5.1: Updated to 3.5.1 with the same ELF relocation patched for v0.2.2.

7.19. v0.2.2


  • Support for addrspacescast
  • Support for tail call, calling convention attribute
  • Support for IdentifiedStructType


  • GEP addrspace propagation
  • Various installation process fixes

Patched LLVM 3.5: The binaries from the numba binstar channel use a patched LLVM3.5 for fixing a LLVM ELF relocation bug that is caused by the use of 32-bit relative offset in 64-bit binaries. The problem appears to occur more often on hardened kernels, like in CentOS. The patched source code is available at: https://github.com/numba/llvm-mirror/releases/tag/3.5p1

7.20. v0.2.0

This is the first official release. It contains a few feature additions and bug fixes. It meets all requirements to replace llvmpy in numba and numbapro.

7.21. v0.1.0

This is the first release. This is released for beta testing llvmlite and numba before the official release.